Non-Profit/Charitable Organization

Newlife International School of Midwifery operates under the legal covering of Newlife International Development Partnership which is an IRS registered 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

As a Christian organization, we are fully committed to practicing responsible standards of integrity and stewardship.

Our clinical facility is also a Philippine Government registered Non-Profit and tax exempt NGO which is audited every year by an independent accounting firm in order to comply with specific Philippine laws govering all charity organizations.

Newlife International Development Partnership was created to empower our growing vision specifically related to two important issues;

  1. To make legal provision to receive charitable donations in order to establish additional birthing centers in other countries.
  2. To serve as a legitimate Christian mission organization with the ability to process donations and financial support of our graduates seeking to function as missionaries under a legal covering in order to start new birthing clinics or serve as missionary volunteers in other established clinics.

Click here to review a copy of our 501c3 letter of approval from the IRS.

Tax Deductible Receipts:

We are unable to issue receipts for students desiring to claim their tuition payments as a charitable contribution. Some students and their parents have assumed that tuition payments qualify for a tax deduction because we are a recognized 501c3 charitable organization. However, the IRS stipulates if a student personally benefits as a result of making a contribution (tuition payment) then she may only claim a tax deduction for the amount above and beyond the cost of tuition. The stipulation includes the student's family members paying tuition on her behalf. Please see IRS Publication 526 Charitable Contributions for more information.

We will issue a tax deductible receipt upon request regarding donations made to our general fund.