Short Course Skills Program

This is a specialized short course Intensive Midwifery Training Program (6-12 months) designed for medical care professionals and/or missionaries who desire to add midwifery care to their skill set.

The training will focus heavily on clinical skills and will also include basic midwifery didactic education. Students can choose the 6, 9, or 12 month training option. The initial 2-3 months of the program will focus on observation and assisting. While 6 months of training will equip you with valuable midwifery skills, those who want more extensive training, should choose the 12 month option.

Students will begin by observing births in our charity birthing center. During this phase students should not expect to catch babies. Skills training will focus on observation of midwifery care (all aspects) and learning to provide labor support.

After the observation phase is complete (approximately one month), students will move to the role of assistant midwife. During this phase students can expect to assist with charting, setting up the birth area, cleaning up, assisting with prenatal and post-partum exams, assisting with newborn exams and going on home visits. During the assistant phase the student should not expect to catch babies, but will be assisting the other midwives.

During the final phase of training, students will learn valuable midwifery provider skills. Because we are a medical facility, student competency must be proven before the student can be an integral provider. As part of the clinical team, qualified students will become care givers under the supervision of competent midwifery preceptors. During this phase students will gain valuable skills to add to their competency and be able to provide midwifery care as needed.

Academic courses will include;

  • Basic Antepartum care
  • Basic Intrapartum care
  • Basic Postpartum care
  • Basic Newborn care
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Emergency Labor and Delivery Procedures

Students enrolled in this program will also read through a list of primary midwifery textbooks which can be viewed here.