Dear Interested Applicant

Newlife School accepts new students based on a healthy relationship with their respective home church.

We encourage you to discuss your interest in our school with your church leaders prior to applying because their involvement will be necessary.

Most Christian colleges require a pastoral recommendation as part of the application process which we also require. In addition, the willingness of your church leaders to embrace the nature of our school is essential because they will need to provide a letter on your behalf addressed to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration in order for you to study at our school.

Generally, church leaders tend to be far more supportive when people seek their counsel and involvement at the outset. We've discovered over the years that students who initiate dialog with their church leaders up-front rather than at the last minute tend to receive far more favorable support, and the church leadership is most likely to affirm what you personally value as an aspiring Christian midwife as you share your dreams and vision with them. We also suggest that you encourage your mission director and/or pastor to read through our website especially where we write extensively concerning the value that a Christian midwife brings to cross cultural missions (on our Mission and Goal page ).

Please click HERE for an important letter from the school directors.