A Personal Note From the School Director

Accepted students are required to prepare certain documentation to process the appropriate visa from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

A Letter of Comissioning will be required specifically stating that your home church is willing to 'commission' you to serve in the Philippines as a missionary.

We want to clarify the following;
  1. The Philippine Government recognizes the role of an organized local church and its involvement in sending missionaries to their country.
  2. The Letter of Commissioning is the primary criteria used by the Philippine Government to validate that you qualify for a missionary visa.

In other words, the Philippine Government willingly accepts the word of your home church that you qualify as a 'sent-out-one' from their body. This letter plays a very important role to substantiate your visa application.

We, therefore, encourage you to discuss the importance and need for such a letter with your church leaders BEFORE you apply to the school.

We trust that your church leaders are willing to get behind your vision to be a midwife. We also hope that your leaders will recognize the role that a trained Christian midwife offers to the World Christian Movement as it relates to foreign missions, which we highlight in greater detail under our 'Mission & Goal' and 'Overview' links.

The role of a Christian midwife actively participating on the cross cultural mission stage is a new and innovative thought. Our school mission and vision has been cast after spending more than a decade advancing this perspective. We strongly believe that a trained Christian midwife has the capacity to be a significant agent in serving the World Christian Movement. Our strategic vision is to see our graduates use their new skills to access places around the world where she is fully capable of transcending barriers to the Gospel message. We hope that your church might be willing to prayerfully invest in you with the consideration that you may serve as an overseas missionary someday using your midwifery skills as part of an evangelistic, church planting, community service, cross cultural mission team.

  1. If your church leaders are reluctant to issue a Letter of Commissioning we suggest they might consider issuing it with the mutual understanding that it is being offered provisionally; meaning there are limits involving the extent of the 'commissioning'. In other words, they are not necessarily authorizing you to serve as an ordained minister or plant a cross cultural church or marry and bury people. Rather, its merely to serve in the capacity of community service to impoverished families as we present throughout this website.
  2. Students accepted for enrollment DO NOT need to apply for a visa prior to arriving. Detailed instructions regarding the visa process will be provided once an applicant is officially accepted for enrollment.