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  2. Please copy and paste this outline onto a new MS Word document for the purpose of providing additional space for your answers.
  3. You may email the completed form to the school director as an attachment (MS doc or PDF file).

General Information

Date of Application:



Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Phone Number:

Marital Status:

How did you hear about Newlife School of Midwifery?


Please contact us for available dates

Educational Background

Starting with High School, please list all education you have obtained. Please include name of school, courses taken and degrees awarded. If you are currently enrolled in school please include that information as well.

Essay Questions:

Please answer the following questions as clearly and completely as possible..

  1. What are your goals for the use of your healthcare skills?
  2. What is your present/previous birth experience (as a birth attendant, not personally having given birth)?
  3. Why do you desire to come to Newlife School of Midwifery for a short term volunteer experience? What are your goals for your /volunteer time?
  4. Do you have any previous missions or overseas experience? If so, please explain.
  5. How is your health and stamina? Do you have any dietary restrictions or medical conditions that would limit your activity or diet?
  6. Are you presently involved in a local church? If so, please give the name of the church, denomination and name of your pastor. Please explain your involvement and commitment there. (This will not qualify or disqualify your application to our program)
  7. Please tell us anything else about you that would be helpful for us to know.
  8. Please list the names and email addresses of your references.


We are primarily looking for people with character and personal integrity compatible with that of Newlife School. Although Newlife School is a Christian-based midwifery school, religious identification or affiliation is not considered for acceptance in this particular program. In addition to an applicant's midwifery experience, personal character and integrity are the primary basis for consideration. Validation of an applicant's character is done by Character References.

Please request the following people to submit a character reference on your behalf; (A) Teacher, Employer or Pastor AND (B) Friend or Family Member . The reference should include information about you, your character, whether or not they feel you would be qualified to serve in an overseas maternity clinic and any other information that would be beneficial to us. Please submit the names of the people you have requested to write these references with your application.

References should be sent via email directly to: and cc'd to

Terms and Conditions

  1. FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Payment must be received by our stateside office 30 days prior to arrival in Davao. Fees do not include travel, visa and personal expenses.
  2. Volunteers must abide by the Policies and Honor Code of Newlife School as stated in this website.
  3. Volunteers must be willing to appreciate the religious nature of what Newlife School represents and commit to honor the work being done at a Christian-based clinic without causing any dishonor to the school through their attitude, demeanor and social presentation.
  4. Applicants must understand the nature of their volunteer service here in the Philippines recognizing it is entirely a cross cultural experience. Applicants should be fully willing to submit to the style of midwifery practiced in this country. Volunteers will also be expected to present herself with cultural sensitivity.
  5. Volunteers must be willing to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability immediately upon arrival.
  6. Although food is included it does not mean that meals are prepared for you as a volunteer. Groceries are purchased and available for volunteers to prepare their own breakfast and lunch. Generally a commonly shared evening dinner is prepared by students and volunteer residents. Snacks and specialty foods such as imported items are not inclusive in the grocery budget. Interns may purchase their own personal groceries at their discretion and allowed to be kept in their residence. The school does not provide reimbursement for personal food items.
  7. For volunteers applying who are over the age of 40; please be advised that you will be living in a dormitory with students and other interns as young as 19 years of age.
  8. Volunteers must be willing to submit to the clinical expertise of the supervisors and preceptors working at the clinic.
  9. Applicants need to realize their time here can be a very busy clinical experience, especially during days that multiple women are in labor. Flexibility and personal stamina are essential.
  10. The director of the school reserves the right to deny privileges to any volunteer who might in any way violate the relational integrity of the school.
  11. Additional terms and a comprehensive cultural orientation will be provided to all volunteers upon arrival.


This program CAN BE VERY INTENSIVE due to the high number of births at our facility, and the hours required to work shift rotations. Interested interns need to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER this program before applying. Interns are not allowed to schedule their shifts and are fully expected to fulfill their shift duties as assigned by the school director, including night shifts.

DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT: A $700 non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance to secure your place. This fee is NOT refundable if you cancel. We consider this deposit as a 'promissory' commitment from the applicant that she fully intends to participate if accepted. Unfortunately, some accepted interns have cancelled at the last minute which inadvertently prevents another serious applicant from being accepted who was denied due to lack of available space.

Health Insurance

We require all short term volunteers to carry health insurance or purchase travelers insurance.

There are many insurance companies available for people travelling overseas. We recommend Azimuth Insurance due to the service they provided for one of our students who was hospitalized in 2014. Azimuth covered her entire $15,000 hospital bill. Please visit for more information.

Visitors will will not be allowed to serve at the clinic if they do not carry insurance.

Note: Canadian volunteers may be exempt from this requirement if they are members of the Canadian socialized health insurance