Short-Term Clinical Volunteer Program

On a case-by-case basis we accept a limited number of short-term (2-6 month) healthcare professionals who desire to serve overseas. Our busy charity-based maternity clinic situated in an urban setting (2 million people) offers an ideal location for current healthcare professionals (female nurses and midwives) to bridge their clinical experience to include observation and limited hands-on experiences in a developing world maternity clinic.

This program is currently being revised. However, you may familiarize yourself with the information we've provided below in order to get an idea of the basics of the program. (Please contact the director for more information.)

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former short term volunteer.

This is a Full Immersion Program

Upon arrival short-term volunteers will be integrated into one of our clinical teams. Volunteers will have plenty of opportunities to observe and serve by assisting the staff and long-term volunteers in a high-volume maternity clinic. Volunteer tasks will vary according to the volunteer’s medical experience and expertise, but may include things such as bathing newborns, checking vital signs during antenatal check-ups, intrapartum (labor/delivery), and postpartum, giving injections, sterilizing instruments, monitoring labor progress, observing antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care, setting up IV insertion, etc - all while under the direct supervision of a licensed Filipina midwife. Please note that the primary tasks for volunteers are observation and service.

Generally, volunteers are scheduled 5-8 shifts per week rotating between the birth room and prenatal activities. An average of 25-35 babies are born each week at the clinic so no one will be lacking for observation and hands-on experience.

*We have indefinitely suspended our short-term volunteer program for persons who have not yet completed their education and training for midwifery or nursing.

Experience the Beauty and Culture of the Philippines

Experiencing the rich beauty of the Philippines is something each volunteer will have ample opportunity to enjoy. The beaches of Davao are beautiful offering crystal clear blue water snorkeling and sleeping in native-style cottages on the beach. Davao is also home of the tallest mountain in the Philippines which you can hike with porters and experience white water rafting in addition to many other outdoor activities.

Many of our students have pursued their scuba diving certification that can be accomplished in only a few days time from PADI certified instructors.


$700 per month. Terms and Conditions are detailed in the application page.


This program CAN BE VERY INTENSIVE due to the high number of births at our facility, and the hours required to work shift rotations.

Volunteer applicants need to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER this program before applying.

Volunteers are not allowed to schedule their shifts, and they are fully expected to fulfill their shift duties as assigned by the clinic director, including night shifts.


Click HERE for an application for our Short-Term Clinical Volunteer Program

You may contact the school director if you have additional questions: or