General Information

Health Insurance (Important Update)

We require all newly enrolled students to carry health insurance or participate in a shared healthcare ministry program.

Newlife School officially endorses a Christian shared-healthcare ministry that provides up to $250,000 in coverage that includes overseas living. The cost is $180/month for single students 25 years and below. Please visit for more information and updated fees.

There are many insurance companies that provide coverage for missionaries and other expats living and working overseas. We recommend Azimuth Insurance as one of those options due to the service they provided for one of our students who was hospitalized in 2014. Azimuth covered her entire $15,000 hospital bill. Please visit for more information.

Students will not be allowed to enroll if they do not carry health insurance.

Note: Canadian students are exempt from this requirement if they are members of the Canadian socialized health insurance


Students are required to bring a personal notebook computer with them to the school. There are plenty of computer service centers in Davao to service any problems or purchase hardware or upgrades.


We REQUIRE that each accepted student applicant be up to date on ALL childhood immunizations. All enrolled students should be completely immunized against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, Hep A and Hep B.

Malaria pills are not necessary here in Mindanao where we are based.

Flight Information

Newly enrolled students may travel to the Philippines as a group if they are able to coordinate travel plans together. All flight arrangements are made by the school director and will be forwarded to you after your acceptance. Ticket prices, itineraries and additional details will be forwarded at the appropriate time.


Each student needs to have access to funds for personal expenses. Most students use the local ATM machines to withdraw funds that are given in the local currency and drawn off the student's home bank in the States. Students may also open a bank account here in Davao by depositing their personal check drawn off their bank account in the States. Simply bring your checkbook with you and you may write yourself checks for deposit. The only drawback is that checks require a 45 day clearance time before those funds can be withdrawn. So you need to budget ahead. Please note: Philippine banking policies for processing Canadian checks may involve additional fees.

In the event of an emergency, and cash is needed quickly, there is the option of receiving an international wire transfer through the bank. A final option is to make a cash advance on a credit card. Please do not bring travelers checks since they are difficult to cash and receive low exchange rates. It is advisable to bring new crisp dollars in large denominations, preferably $100 bills. You may also use this money to open a bank account until your first check is cleared after 30 days. Credit and Debit cards are also becoming more widely accepted here in the country.


We regularly receive visitors at our clinic and each student is certainly welcome to invite friends and family members from their home for a visit. Female visitors may be allowed to stay at one of the student dormitories if space is available. Please be advised they will be charged for room and board which is a minimal fee. There are several very nice hotels available as well as guest houses or apartelles that are reasonably priced. It is understood that guests of the students will abide by our Honor Code and School Policies and that students assume full responsibility for their visitors. It is also important that visitors do not infringe on the student's responsibilities related to her clinical schedule.


Each student enrolled will be given a one-month leave for vacation after the first year of school is completed. Year-end breaks will be scheduled by the school director. Please check with the director prior to booking your return ticket from the Philippines to the States for your vacation plans.


A curfew is imposed on the students to be back in their dormitories by a set time each evening. Generally, the time is 10 pm. It is done solely for the student's own protection since it's not advisable for a young foreign woman to be out late at night in a third world country.

Canadian Applicants

If you are Canadian and wish to enroll in our program, we encourage you to visit the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) website for detailed information regarding direct-entry midwifery in your Province.


A passport is obviously required for international travel. Passports must be current with a minimum of six months remaining until the date of expiration at the time of travel to the Philippines. If your passport is scheduled to expire while you are in the Philippines it can easily be renewed at the U.S. Embassy or the embassy of each student's respective country if their embassy/consulate is located in Manila.

Please make sure to photocopy the inside identification cover of the passport and keep it in a separate place in case of loss. This way, it is easy to replace it at the Embassy. It is also a good idea to photocopy your plane tickets in case of loss.


Newlife School will provide all relevant Visa guidelines to applicants after they have been formally accepted for enrollment.

Each student should budget approximately $700 for Immigration fees. Cumulative costs for a family will obviously be higher. We do, however, recommend budgeting $700/family member.


Church Letter Required

A student's healthy relationship with their local church is vital since it is our belief that true mission is an extension of the local church body of believers.

It is our genuine hope that each applicant's respective home church will embrace the uniqueness of our school and consider that our students function very much in the capacity of an actual missionary; praying with their patients, language learning, cultural immersion, cross-cultural ministry, etc.

With this understanding, a letter from the student's home church is required by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration to help validate the 'missionary' aspect of the student attending Newlife School of Midwifery.

Please click HERE for a personal letter from the school directors.

Legal Notification: Newlife School requires each student to sign a Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Release upon arrival in Davao City. This document serves to protect the interests of Newlife School and fully releases the school from any liability or claim that may arise while a student is enrolled.