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TUITION & FEES: US-Based Program

Tuition is structured by Quarters for full time or by Credit Hour for part time

  • Full time: $1,250 per quarter ($5,000 per year)

  • Part time: $120/credit

  • Preceptor Fees: Varies based on individual preceptor contract

  • Room and Board: Not included


One-Time Additional Fees:

  • Application Fee (non-refundable): $100

  • Reserve Deposit (non-refundable): $250

  • Books and Supplies:  Variable (approximately $750-1,000)

  • On-site Skills Sessions: Variable (approximately $500 per session, excluding travel)

Newlife's US-Based program length is approximately 2.5 - 3 years. Each year is 4 quarters.

NOTES: Our billing cycle is every 3 months. Students will be invoiced at the beginning of each new quarter.

The Reserve Deposit is a reservation placement deposit and is not credited towards the other tuition and fees.

Full Time or Part Time Academic Options

Students can choose to enroll full time and follow the course sequence as outlined here.  This path is comprised of 2 years of full time academics, plus 2 final quarters of part time focused on NARM preparation and finishing up required clinical experiences. 


We understand that being a midwife student is very demanding and some people are unable to commit to a full time schedule.  Therefore we also offer a part time option. Students may choose to enroll part time and take classes as they are able.  The part time path will take longer but may be more manageable for people with other outside commitments and responsibilities.  Part time students will still need to complete all requirements but can complete these at a slower pace.


  1. The $250 reserve deposit is not refundable and NOT inclusive of any other fees.  It is a separate "placement reserve" fee and is NOT credited towards tuition.

  2. Fees collected by Newlife are not tax deductible according to the IRS Tax Code due to the designation of funds to specific student accounts by the payee. Please see IRS Publication 526 for more info.

  3. Newlife does not offer Financial Aid.

Please be advised that the above notations are NOT all inclusive. Complete and comprehensive information is provided to newly enrolled students upon acceptance and during new student orientation.

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