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Newlife International School of Midwifery
2024 Application for Admission


Deadline for application submission:

  • Overseas Program - August 1, 2024 (Course Start Date: March 2025)

  • US-Based Program - September 15, 2024 (Course Start Date: Oct. 7, 2024)

Note: this application might be better completed on a desktop rather than a mobile device such as a cell phone.


Completed application must include:  


  • This completed application form inclusive of essay answers.

  • 1 clear, close-up photograph of you (taken within the last 6 months) 

  • Copy of high school transcript and diploma (college diploma and transcript where applicable- not required)

  • Application Fee:  US$100 Nonrefundable - payable using our online payment portal

Please contact us if you have any problems with this online form and we’ll email
you a copy with instructions to submit as an attachment.


Which program are you applying for?

Applicant’s full legal name: *

Marital Status:

If married, please list;

Personal Health Questionnaire:

Church Information

High School Education:

Degree Awarded:

Higher Education:

Occupational History:

Emergency Contact:

In case of emergency please contact (please list two):



Please answer the following questions as clearly and completely as possible.  It is important to give thorough answers to these questions as this will be the primary basis for accepting or declining your application.

If the space in the boxes below is not enough to include all of your information, please contact us and we’ll email you a copy with instructions to submit as an attachment.


References will be requested on an "as needed" basis. We will reach out to them directly if we feel the additional information will help us make a decision regarding your application.  Please list the names and email addresses of three (3) people who will be willing to provide a character reference on your behalf. We may request character references from the following;


(A) Current Pastor, Church leader, or Mission director


(B) Teacher or Employer  


(C) Friend or Family Member 


Legal Notification: 

Newlife School requires any student intending to complete any portion of the program in the Philippines to sign a Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Release upon arrival in the Philippines.  This document serves to protect the interests of Newlife School and fully releases the school from any liability or claim that may arise while a student is enrolled.

Please initial here that you understand if accepted for enrollment a Waiver of Liability will be presented to you and will be discussed during your orientation upon arrival at our clinical facility in the Philippines. *


Please email a copy of your high school diploma and transcript, college diploma and transcript (if applicable), and a copy of your Passport (inside bio page) to as an attachment.

Please click once then wait a moment for the application to upload to the server. The form will reset to blank fields if submission was successful.

Thanks for submitting!

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