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Enrollment is ongoing. We are currently accepting new applications. 


Completed application must include:  


  • This completed application form inclusive of essay answers.

  • 1 clear, close-up photograph of you (taken within the last 6 months) 

  • Copy of high school transcript and diploma (college diploma and transcript where applicable- not required)

  • Application Fee:  $75 nonrefundable (US$ funds only)


Mail to the Application Fee only (not the application) to;


PO Box 20683

Portland, Oregon  97294 U.S.A.

Please contact us if you have any problems with this online form and we’ll email you a copy with instructions to submit as an attachment.

Do NOT send any portion of your application to our stateside address other than the $75 Application Fee.  


Applicant’s full legal name (first, middle, last): *

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Marital Status:

If married, please list;

Personal Health Questionnaire:

Church Information

Mission Sending Agency Information

If you are a member of another mission organization, we will require that you be seconded or ‘loaned’ to Newlife School for the duration of your enrollment.  You will need to advise your mission of this and have them contact us.  

High School Education:

Degree Awarded:
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Other Higher Education:

Occupational History:

Emergency Contact:

In case of emergency please contact (please list two):

Church Notification:

Have you discussed with your pastor, church leadership, or mission agency regarding your interest to attend Newlife School?

Attendance at Newlife requires the involvement of your home church as it relates to providing a Letter of Recommendation and a Letter of Commissioning, which can be viewed here. Many of our students come from informal home-based churches. The link discusses how to secure a letter from a home church.

Have you discussed with your pastor or mission department regarding the requirement for them to provide the letters referenced above? Specifically, have you advised your pastor that you will need a Letter of Commissioning?

Please note – The Letter of Commissioning relates to applying for a missionary visa AFTER you arrive in the Philippines.  You do NOT need to include the letter with this application.  



Please answer the following questions as clearly and completely as possible.  It is important to give thorough answers to these questions as this will be the primary basis for accepting or declining your application.

A vertical scroll bar will automatically appear allowing the field box to accept lengthy narrratives.

Please consider the following before submitting your application.  We are a school with a very intense schedule and have demanding policies. Students who do not adjust to change easily or who are presently struggling with deep personal or emotional issues are likely to have difficulty in this environment. We are not staffed for dealing with critical personal or emotional issues. With this in mind, do you feel prepared to jump into an intense missionary midwifery training program with the long term goal of serving as a midwife on the mission field? *

Please detail how you plan to finance the tuition, school fees, airfare, etc: *

Note regarding this question; We recognize that paying for tuition is a walk of faith for applicants who are trusting God to meet their financial needs.  We are committed to stand in faith with you. However, answering that you're going to just trust God and believe by faith the funds will be available doesn’t adequately answer this question.  


It is important that you qualify your ability to finance your education at Newlife School.  We need specific details regarding how you will pay for tuition and fees involved, whether it is sourced from your personal savings, financial assistance from relatives, bank loans, assistance from your home church, donor support, selling your house, etc.  Sadly, we’ve had to deny some applicants for not providing specifics, so please discuss this issue in-depth with your parents (or spouse if married) as you answer this question.


We require character references from the following who will fill out the NISM - Reference Form link at the top of this page.


(A) Current Pastor, Church leader, or Mission director


(B) Teacher or Employer  


(C) Friend or Family Member 

Please note: the NISM - Reference Form is password protected.  We will email a password code to the individuals you've identified above as your character references. 



Please view our ‘Prerequisites’ link under the ‘Prospective Students’ tab.

Applicants will NOT be denied enrollment due to their inability to meet certain prerequisites prior to enrollment. And, the birth experiences listed on that page are viewed as beneficial for incoming students, but NOT completely mandatory.  We are willing to discuss and explore alternative options with you.



We require all newly enrolled students to carry health insurance. Two companies we endorse are; Samaritan Ministry  and Azimuth Insurance


Legal Notification: 

Newlife School requires each student to sign a Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Release upon arrival in the Philippines.  This document serves to protect the interests of Newlife School and fully releases the school from any liability or claim that may arise while a student is enrolled.

Please initial here that you understand if accepted for enrollment a Waiver of Liability will be presented to you and will be discussed during your orientation upon arrival at our clinical facility in the Philippines. *



By submitting this application you are hereby affirming that you have read the Honor Code and School Policies of Newlife International School of Midwifery as outlined in the school’s website and you are in agreement with them, and that you are not involved in a lifestyle contradictory to Biblically-based morals.  

Please click once then wait a moment for the application to upload to the server. The form will reset to blank fields if submission was successful.


Newlife International School of Midwifery operates under the legal covering of Newlife International Development Partnership; a nonprofit organization approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

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