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Honor Code Pledge

Spring Branches

Honor Code Pledge for all enrolled students

Newlife International School of Midwifery is a Christian school and we are committed to a lifestyle reflecting Biblical morality and behavior. It is primarily a concept of personal honor based on the principles of integrity and respect for our fellow man.

It is assumed that any student interested in applying to our school already exemplifies these important values. Such qualities should be an inherent part of a student's personal ethical code in order to protect and preserve their own reputation, as well as that of other individuals associated with the school.

'The basic premise of the Honor Code is that each student is expected to exhibit responsible and mature behavior in order to preserve interpersonal relationships and the integrity of the school.'

Having an Honor Code Pledge should not be construed in any way that we are legalistic or severely traditional to the extent that people feel restricted. On the contrary, we believe that Christian morals are meant to preserve and protect people from destructive behaviors and practices, and the consequences of such that can cause problems and grief to others as well as ourselves.

For example, disregard for a roommate sets the stage for an inevitable problem that will certainly manifest sooner or later. 'Loving our neighbor as ourselves' is a simple Biblical guideline that can sideline potential problems and it teaches us to respect our roommate as we hope they would respect us.

Newlife midwife students at beach

The basic premise of the Honor Code is that each student is expected to exhibit responsible and mature behavior so as to preserve interpersonal relationships and the integrity of the school. Personal conduct should exemplify the best qualities of a mature and respectful student and should never be an embarrassment to others associated with the school. A value we hold high as a school is a good attitude. We all have the occasional bad day, which is understandable. A personal commitment to present ourselves to people in a positive manner is important because it affects others as well as ourselves. Someone once said that 90% of success in life is a great attitude and the ability to get along well with all types of people.


In signing the Honor Code, I fully recognize that Newlife International School of Midwifery was founded to be and is committed to being a Christian religious ministry and that it facilitates a lifestyle of commitment to Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord.

It is therefore my personal pledge to be a person of integrity in my attitude and respect for what Newlife International School of Midwifery strives to be as a Christian school.

Honor Code


I PLEDGE to apply myself wholeheartedly to my intellectual pursuits as a student and to use my mind and skills for the glory of God.

I PLEDGE to grow in my spirit by developing my own relationship with God by continually prioritizing personal time devoted to Bible reading and prayer.

I PLEDGE to cultivate good social relationships and to seek to love others as I love myself. I will not lie; I will not steal; I will not curse; I will not cheat or plagiarize; I will do my own academic work and I will not inappropriately collaborate with other students on assignments.

I PLEDGE at all times to keep my total being under subjection from all immoral and illegal actions. I will not take any illegal drugs or misuse any drugs; I will not engage in or attempt to engage in any illicit, unscriptural sexual acts that include any homosexual activity and sexual intercourse with one who is not my spouse through traditional marriage of one man and one woman.

I PLEDGE that I will not engage in other behavior unbecoming of a Christian.

I PLEDGE to maintain a personal integrity of openness to God’s claims on my life and to do my utmost to know and follow His will for my life.

I PLEDGE to attend all classes and meetings called by the leadership, and my choice of a local church at least once per month.

I PLEDGE to abide by the policies and guidelines that may from time to time be newly adopted by the school administration.

I PLEDGE to wholeheartedly honor and respect the Filipino staff employed at Newlife's clinic facility.

I PLEDGE to honor all Filipinos and their culture to the very best of my ability recognizing I am a guest in their country.

I understand that Newlife International School of Midwifery is a private school and I therefore have no vested rights in the governing, management or leadership of the school. 

Therefore; I PLEDGE to honor the school leadership in word, deed and attitude. I PLEDGE to not speak against leadership, or participate in or add to rumors or gossip that may circulate.

And in doing so; I PLEDGE to graciously and respectfully discourage others who may engage in such activity because I recognize this issue alone can jeopardize the integrity on which the school is established that fosters an eroding effect on the overall health of the entire organization.

I accept my attendance at Newlife School of Midwifery as a privilege and not a right and that the school reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student at any time if in the judgment of the Director of the school such action is deemed necessary to safeguard Newlife School’s standards of behavior, attitude, academic study, clinical work or it’s spiritual and moral atmosphere as a Christian School.

I will keep the HONOR CODE PLEDGE carefully and prayerfully. I understand that my signature is my acceptance of the entire Honor Code and completes a contract between me and Newlife International School of Midwifery, which is a prerequisite for ongoing enrollment and my continued association with the school.

A signed hardcopy from each newly enrolled student will be required upon arrival.

As a Christian organization it is important for us to address additional issues. Newlife International School of Midwifery maintains a policy that students must be willing to refrain from profanity, smoking, gambling, alcoholic beverages, dishonesty, extramarital sexual activity of any sort, illegal drugs, and all behavior that would bring dishonor to us as a Christian organization and to the culture we are serving in.

Additionally, each student must endeavor to maintain high standards in community living and pledge to avoid theft, removal, damage to or disregard of other people's personal property or that of the school. Finally, since the Philippine culture is conservative in social expression and attire, we require that students endeavor to present themselves in modest appearance at all times involving their styles of dress so as not to dishonor the culture. This also includes certain body piercing and hair colors. Green and purple hair or dreadlocks, for example, are not acceptable, nor are rings placed on certain body parts such as eyebrows, lips and tongues. Small nose rings are acceptable. Additional information can be found in the section titled "School Policies."

All students admitted to the school (including husbands and children of married students) must agree to uphold this Honor Code and the policies of the school. These policies are not implemented to be self-serving or controlling in nature, but rather they exist to better serve the students and to ensure time spent at the school is a fulfilling experience. If you are uncomfortable with any issue presented here or if you have a specific question please contact the school director.

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