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Although Newlife School provides a thorough and comprehensive academic curriculum, each student will need to find their own NARM qualified and registered preceptor and a birth practice (home birth or birth center) where they can gain the necessary clinical skills.


It is ultimately the students responsibility to find a qualified preceptor.  However, Newlife will do everything we can to help each student in the process.


-Credentialed as a CPM, CNM or CM

-Licensed to practice legally in the state/jurisdiction

-Have an additional of 3 years of experience after certification OR 50 primary/co-primary births beyond entry level CPM requirements

-10 continuity of care births beyond entry level CPM requirements

-A minimum of 10 out-of-hospital births

A NARM Registered Preceptor is a midwife who meets requirements for supervising CPM candidates and has current, approved registration through NARM.

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