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Overseas Program Overview

Newlife School’s Overseas Program – both academic and clinical – is entirely based at our clinical training facility in the Philippines where we have been training students for almost 3 decades. The clinic and school are part of a Christian mission organization comprised of Western missionaries and a wonderful group of Filipino Christian workers numbering approximately 80 people.​

Our clinic enjoys an interdependent relationship with Newlife School where each student is fully immersed into opportunities to serve hundreds of families. Therefore, enrollment in Newlife can be a deeply fulfilling and rewarding experience.

In addition to midwifery training, our mission organization has extensive experience involving church planting, tribal ministry, evangelism, community development, youth adventure programs, agriculture, primary health care, bible school training, etc.​ 

Finally, each student functions as a 'missionary' while enrolled in our school because it's based on the mission field. Our hope is that many of our students will consider serving in developing countries upon graduation.

Each student functions as a missionary while enrolled in our overseas program.

Our overseas program is specifically designed to offer a concerted emphasis on cross-cultural mission training in addition to midwifery education.


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The Overseas Program length is 2 ½-3 years. This enables more time to focus on missions training as a separate module aside from midwifery education. The response to the missions and midwifery training has been overwhelmingly positive as students believe it greatly enhances their preparation for overseas missions work after graduation from Newlife School.

​THE FIRST TWO QUARTERS FOCUS is language learning, cultural orientation, Great Commission awareness, and introduction to midwifery. During the first two months students work with language tutors who train them how to acquire crucial language skills that can be applied to any culture. The third month focus is helping students understand the value of the Great Commission and how to share their personal testimony supported with scriptures highlighting the Gospel message.  Students are then given a life impacting opportunity to experience 10-14 days living in a provincial community with some of our full-time Filipino Christian staff leaders.  The experience may be likened as an introduction of life as a missionary where they meet new people, share their personal testimonies, and demonstrate God’s kindness in a cross-cultural setting under the oversight of national Christians who are assisting them to discover what missionary life is like.

These initial first months provide a solid foundation that significantly helps empower and enhance each student's ability to interact with our patients as a missionary.  At the end of the three months students will transition to the midwifery academic program of study. Students will also be given opportunities throughout their training to visit other missionary-based midwifery clinics and participate in rural outreaches.


The entire program is divided by quarters which are 3 months in length. Please note the program may take longer than 3 years for students who struggle to complete the academics or need additional time to complete all of the clinical requirements.

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