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Financial Aid

Newlife International School of Midwifery is pleased to provide financial assistance to qualifying students. Although our tuition fees are lower than most midwifery schools, the overall cost to attend Newlife can be made even more affordable through financial aid.

If you are truly interested in attending our school but uncertain how you can afford the cost we want to show you how it may be possible. We are sensitive to student's financial limitations and we wish to provide assistance to ensure each student can receive funds for which they qualify.

Overview - List of Financial Aid Available

1. Directors Grant

  • Funding offered: $2000

  • This grant is designed for a newly accepted student.

  • This award is limited to one student per school year.

  • Newlife chooses to divide the awarding of this grant between two semesters; $1000 will be credited to the student's account during her first semester and $1000 will be credited the following semester. The awarded student will be required to pay the balance of the tuition owed for the two respective semesters.

2. Newlife Scholarship Fund

  • Funding offered: $500

  • This is a privately funded scholarship that has been graciously made available by one of the school benefactors.

3. Church/School Matching Awards

  • Funding offered: Dollar-to-dollar matching: $1000 value.

  • We strongly support and promote each student's healthy relationship with their local church and we embrace the role of the local church in missions. We feel students attending Newlife School should be considered as 'lay missionaries' by their home church since the school is located on the mission field with the intent of training midwives to be medical missionaries to other countries.

  • We would hope the student's church mission board, elders, deacons and/or spiritual overseers would be willing to help meet the financial needs of the student since this school is primarily missions minded. Newlife International School of Midwifery provides a wonderful and unique opportunity for local churches to help realize their vision for missions by supporting a student coming from their church as a 'sent out missionary.'

  • For every dollar provided by the student's home church designated as payment towards tuition, Newlife School will match up to $500 per year (every two semesters). In other words, if a church pays $500 Newlife School will match that sum with an additional $500 totaling $1000 credit toward tuition.

  • We encourage churches to consider additional financial assistance to the student as way to help alleviate the costs of attending school and to greater enhance their own overseas mission vision. The return on the investment is obviously worthwhile for churches willing to consider its far-reaching effect regarding their work toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

  • It is contrary to the intent and integrity of this program for parents to contribute or channel their funds through their church to benefit their own daughter/student. A pre-qualification requirement is the student applying for church/school matching must have been an official and recognized member of the church for as least 12 months.

It is important that you request a Financial Aid packet from Newlife before you apply for any of the above listed.

Due dates for the Church Matching Award and the Directors Grant are provided in our Financial Aid packet which is available on request.

Additional Financial Aid

There are various ways of fulfilling your vision to be a midwife and many financial sources are available. Students are encouraged to seek financial help from family members as well as their home church. We encourage each student to consider writing monthly newsletters to friends and family members who would be willing to provide prayer and financial support. Several of our present and former students receive such support that has greatly helped meet their needs.

Please email the school director for additional information and to request a Financial Aid application packet.

Newlife International School of Midwifery reserves the right to modify, limit or discontinue its Financial Aid program at any time without prior notice or obligation to its students or applicants according to the discretion of the administrator and/or its board of advisors. 

Our Financial Aid program is not considered a Qualified Tuition program and students do not participate in a federally funded financial aid program administered by the US Dept. of Education. Therefore, we are not obligated to issue a Form 1098T as guided by IRS Publication 970.

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