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We have expanded our program and are pleased to announce that we will offer an online training program starting in the Fall of 2024.


Throughout the past 20-years we have received numerous requests to offer a fully online program.  We understand the benefits of being able to study from home and not being required to relocate to attend midwifery school.


Our passion is to remove barriers to midwifery training and education and to equip qualified skilled midwives who can work to address the global maternal health crisis.  Offering an online program enables us to reach more people who desire to become midwives but are unable to relocate to our overseas training location.

Newlife School is US-based school that offers midwifery training to students seeking to gain experience and training to help them serve in low and under resourced areas.


Newlife School was originally established as an overseas training program to equip students who wanted to gain midwifery certification on the mission field. Newlife has recently expanded and is now offering a US-based online program option. 

Students will complete all of their academic work through Newlife in an online virtual format.

This program follows the NARM Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP)

We place a high value on the skills that a Christian midwife has to offer in the US, Canada, as well as in developing countries.  Our program length of 2 ½-3 years is specifically designed in order to offer a more concerted emphasis on midwifery academics woven together with cross-cultural mission training. This length allows time to focus on missions training as a separate module aside from midwifery education.

​Students will cover all aspects of midwifery care through the online academic program. Students start with basic foundational courses working to more complex topics towards the end.  Students spend the final 2 quarters strengthening their clinical skills and academic knowledge while preparing to take the NARM board exam. 


  • All courses are 10 weeks in length, followed by 1 week of exams and then a 2-week academic break. 

  • This 13-week rotation continues year-round for the full calendar year.

  • Students will be required to participate in 3 in-person skills training and assessment sessions throughout the duration of the program.  These will be one week in duration and will be held annually at the end of each academic year.

  • Students will be responsible for the travel expenses, room and board costs, and associated fees with each of these 3 sessions.

Because the program is online, students can study from home.  Students will be required to attend some live sessions, but most of the course work will be asynchronous and students can complete the assignments on their own time.  Each week will have specific assignments and deadlines.  Students will be expected to participate in online discussions and submit all coursework on time. 


This program will follow the NARM Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP).  Students will need to find their own NARM qualified and registered preceptor and a birth practice (home birth or birth center) where they can gain the necessary clinical skills.  Newlife will assist students in this process.  Students will need to secure a NARM qualified and registered preceptor and a practice location by the start of the second academic quarter.


  • Credentialed as a CPM, CNM or CM

  • Licensed to practice legally in the state/jurisdiction

  • Have an additional of 3 years of experience after certification OR 50 primary/co-primary births beyond entry level CPM requirements

  • 10 continuity of care births beyond entry level CPM requirements

  • A minimum of 10 out-of-hospital births



Since its opening in 2004, Newlife School has operated as an extension of our overseas birthing center which is the largest charity-based birthing clinic in the Philippines serving almost 15,000 patients annually.


All US-based enrolled students will be given the opportunity to serve at this birthing clinic for a short term internship. The clinic serves families living in impoverished conditions who cannot afford quality maternal healthcare. We simply desire to show women and their families God's mercy and kindness in a practical way as Jesus taught. The hands-on and deeply relational skill of midwifery is proven to be a powerful avenue to bring God's love and kindness to suffering people.


PLEASE NOTE that Newlife US-based students will NOT be required to complete an overseas internship, but they are encouraged to do so and will be provided with internship options and details after acceptance.


As is stated in other parts of our website, we are very proud to see our graduates serve in so many locations around the world such as Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, China, Yemen, Sudan, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Haiti, Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Congo, Zambia, Jordan, Pakistan, and Tanzania.


We hope that each student enrolled in our US-Based program would consider an internship at our Philippine clinic where she can gain invaluable exposure to serving cross-culturally.



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