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Training Christian midwives to make a difference in the world!
~ Our Mission, Our Goal, Our Heart, Our Passion

Newlife School midwife students

In support of our Mission and Goals we established the Christian Midwife Initiative (CMI).  These typography videos visually explain the value a Christian midwife plays on the mission field. 

"Well-behaved women seldom make history."

~  Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Pulitzer Prize Winner. 
A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard  - based on her diary 1785–1812.


Our vision is to train and equip young women to serve on the mission field as Christian midwives, and to start their own birthing centers among disadvantaged people.

Being a midwife opens many doors to countless opportunities.


Our program will provide each graduate with the necessary skills and knowledge to practice anywhere in the world. Those who successfully complete either of our training programs will qualify for a North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) certification from the US.

There is a unique beauty a Christian midwife holds within the context of cross-cultural Christian missions.


Some of our graduates have gone into other countries such as Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, China, Yemen, Sudan, Cambodia, Haiti, Solomon Islands, Chad, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Indonesia, Zambia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And some have chosen to return to the Philippines to work alongside us.

Therefore, we are looking for the best because we view our involvement and commitment to our students extending far beyond their graduation. Presently we have many more people applying to the school than we have open positions for enrollment. We are obviously seeking students that enjoy a healthy relationship with the Lord. And, we place a very high value on personal integrity and an ability to socially interact with others in a way that honors and respects our fellow man.

Newlife School midwife visiting patient

We believe that Christian midwives are a viable asset to the World Christian Movement.

The time has come for Christian midwives to take their place by ACTIVELY participating on the cross-cultural mission stage.  We strongly believe that a trained Christian midwife has the capacity to be a significant agent in serving the World Christian Movement.

Newlife’s mission has been cast after spending two decades advancing this perspective. Our strategic vision is to see our graduates use their new skills to access places around the world where she is fully capable of transcending barriers to the Gospel message. It's our hope that the respective home churches of our students will recognize and embrace the enormous potential that an equipped and skilled midwife offers to their vision and commitment to world missions.


We feel the Biblical model of missions is primarily the extension of the local church body. Therefore, we are specifically seeking students who enjoy a healthy relationship with their home church.

The world is changing every day and doors are closing to the typical Western missionary. However, those doors remain very open to healthcare specialists; especially in light of the global challenges of inadequate maternal and newborn health care.

The beauty of midwifery within the context of cross-cultural Christian missions is simply this; there are no cultural, religious or political barriers to expressing the compassion and mercy of Jesus Christ demonstrated through the hands of a Christian midwife. This reality is enhanced by the simple fact that it extends out to the family of the midwife's patient and subsequently grants access of her Christian witness into the patient's home. This exact story has been played out tens of thousands of times through our students serving at our birthing clinic in the Philippines, as well as through those who are serving as students in the US.

A Christian midwife is undoubtedly a viable cross-cultural mission commodity. Why the word "commodity"? Because investing in a commodity implies a return of service on the investment. We are investing in Christian midwives. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to see that vision come to fruition!

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