Tuition & Fees


Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition: $5,300/semester.  (The program is 5 semesters - 2.5 years. The 5th semester is 50% discounted.)

  • Newlife Application Fee: $75

  • Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)

  • Preceptor Fees - FREE

  • Clinical Fees - FREE

  • Room & Board - FREE


In comparison to other schools we do not charge for room and board, nor are students required to secure their own housing. Single students live in one of our three dormitories with all meals and utilities provided free of charge.

Room and boarding requirements differ for married students and their families. Please see the Family Link for more information.

Projected Overall Program Cost


Includes 10% tuition increase at 2nd year and discounted 5th semester.

Length of Program

Our entire program involves 2.5 years (5 semesters). Each semester is 6 months long. Married students typically take 6 semester to complete their training due to family responsibilities. Please see the Family Life link for more info.


Financial Aid Benefits

Students who avail of Newlife's discount and Financial Aid may qualify for one or more of the following savings;

  • $1,060 Discount (two-semester payment)

  • $500 MMC Scholarship

  • $2,000 Church Matching Grant

  • $2,000 Directors Grant


Terms and Conditions apply. Please review our Financial Aid link for further information.

  1. Newlife School operates under the 501c3 covering of Newlife International Development Partnership.

  2. Full payment must be made payable to "Newlife International."

  3. Newlife School reserves the right to increase tuition fees as necessary in order to maintain the appropriate funding requirements of our clinical facility. Students will be provided 6 month advance notice. Generally, the fee increase is 5-10% per year.

  4. Newlife School offers a 5% discount for accounts prepaid in full (at least two semesters). Discount not applicable for students availing of the Church Matching Grant.

  5. The additional semester tuition rate for married students is 50% of the standard tuition fee. Please see 'Family Life' link for more information.

  6. Tuition and School Fees are payable in US Funds only.

  7. $500 deposit is not refundable and NOT inclusive of the tuition fees. It is a separate "reserve" fee.

  8. Tuition payments are not tax deductible according to the IRS Tax Code due to the designation of funds to specific student accounts by the payee. Please see IRS Publication 526 for more info.

  9. Our Financial Aid program is not considered a Qualified Tuition program and our students do not participate in a Federally funded financial aid program administered by the US Dept. of Education. Therefore, we are not obligated to issue a Form 1098T as guided by IRS Publication 970.

  10. Plane tickets range in price from $700 - $1500 RT depending on point of origin and dates of travel.

  11. Students are required to apply for a 9g missionary visa upon arrival from Philippine Dept. of Immigration. Fees are not consistent due to multiple variables. Approximate cost is $800 for a two year visa. Newlife School cannot be held responsible for actual Philippine Immigration costs incurred by students that may exceed the estimate listed above due to constantly changing fees and policies. 


Please be advised the above bullet point notations are NOT all inclusive. Complete and comprehensive info is provided to newly enrolled students upon acceptance and during new student orientation.


Newlife International School of Midwifery operates under the legal covering of Newlife International Development Partnership; a nonprofit organization approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

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