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Tuition & Fees


For many years we've envisioned a time when we could offer FREE tuition to our students. This has now become a reality due to a source of funding made available which serves as a scholarship for ALL students. 



We only charge students a $500/month Clinical Training Fee which is all-inclusive to attend Newlife. This includes Preceptor fees and Room & Boarding fees.


Fees to attend Newlife School:

  • Clinical Training Fees: $500/month

  • Application Fee: $100

  • Reserve Deposit: $500

  • Preceptor Fees: FREE

  • Room & Board: FREE

Newlife's program length is 2.5 years (30 months).

Additional fees such as midwifery supplies and Immigration fees are initial one-time costs listed below.


The Reserve Deposit is nonrefundable. It serves as a reservation deposit for new applicants accepted for enrollment.

Our billing cycle is every 6 months. Students will be invoiced at the beginning of each new semester; $500 x 6 months.

Single students live in one of our dormitories with all meals and utilities inclusive of the R&B fee.

Room and boarding requirements differ for married students and their families. Please see the Family Link for more information.

Cost Breakdown

Newlife Cost Breakdown.png

Length of Program


The entire program is 2.5 years which is divided by semesters.

Each semester is 6 months long (5 semesters total).


Married students typically take 6 semesters to complete their training due to family responsibilities. Please see the Family Life link for more info.

  1. Newlife School operates under the 501c3 covering of Newlife International Development Partnership.

  2. All fees are payable in US Funds only.

  3. The $500 reserve deposit is not refundable and NOT inclusive of any other fees. It is a separate "reserve" fee.

  4. Fees collected by Newlife are not tax deductible according to the IRS Tax Code due to the designation of funds to specific student accounts by the payee. Please see IRS Publication 526 for more info.

  5. Plane tickets range in price from $700 - $1500 RT depending on point of origin and dates of travel.

  6. Students are required to apply for a missionary visa upon arrival from Philippine Dept. of Immigration. Fees are not consistent due to multiple variables. Approximate cost is $500 for a two year visa. Newlife School cannot be held responsible for actual Philippine Immigration costs incurred by students that may exceed the estimate listed above due to constantly changing fees and policies. 

  7. Room and boarding costs for single students are provided for free of charge.

  8. Newlife does not offer Financial Aid since tuition is FREE.

  9. Students are given a 1-month vacation break after completing their first year.


Please be advised the above notations are NOT all inclusive.


Complete and comprehensive information is provided to newly enrolled students upon acceptance and during new student orientation.

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