Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

Newlife is a US-based school. However, all academic study and clinical training is done at our high-volume birthing facility located in the Philippines where 28,000+ babies have been delivered.

How much is the entire program?

The cumulative cost for the entire program is about $16,000 broken down as; $500/month clinical fee x 2.5 years = $15,000 + initial one-time cost of $1060

When do classes start?

We're currently accepting applications. Enrollment is ongoing.

How long is the program?

We have recently extended our program from 2 years to 2.5 years, which is a total of five 6-month semesters.

Do I need immunizations?

All enrolled students should be completely immunized against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, Hep A and Hep B. We REQUIRE each student to be up-to-date on all childhood immunizations.

Is Room and Board provided?

Yes, for single students. Students live in community in our dormitories (apartments or houses) and they take turns preparing meals with different teams sharing responsibilities. Married students are required to provide their own housing.

Do I need to bring textbooks?

We require that some textbooks be purchased by students and brought to the school. Other textbooks are provided in the school library.

Do I need health insurance?

Yes. We require all newly enrolled students to carry health insurance. However, as an alternative to expensive traditional health insurance we officially endorse Samaritian Ministry which is a Christian shared healthcare ministry that provides up to $250,000 in coverage that includes overseas living. The cost is $100-160/month for single students 25 years and below. We also recommend Azimuth Insurance. Please visit their website for more information. Canadian students are exempt from this requirement if they are members of the Canadian national health insurance.

Is there Financial Aid/Scholarships available?

We discountinued our Financial Aid program once we began offering Free tuition.

Do I need to bring a notebook computer?

Yes. If you plan to purchase a new notebook computer we recommend that you buy an internationally branded one such as HP, ACER, Toshiba, Apple, etc. You might consider purchasing the extended global warranty. Ask your retailer if a service center is located in the Philippines for the brand you plan to buy. There are several certified repair shops in Davao if your computer needs servicing.

Is the school affiliated with a religious denomination?

We are a nondenominational Protestant Christian organization. Our Statement of Faith is available upon request.

Are my fees tax deductible?

Sorry, no. Some students and their parents have assumed that such payments qualify for a tax deduction because we are a recognized 501c3 charitable organization. However, the IRS clearly stipulates if a student personally benefits as a result of making a contribution then she may only claim a tax deduction for the amount donated above and beyond the fees charged for the program. The stipulation includes the student's family members paying fees on her behalf. Please see IRS Publication 526 Charitable Contributions for more information.

What if my church won't provide the necessary Commissioning Letter?

Sorry, we are UNABLE to consider any applicant for enrollment without the Church Letter because it is a necessary requirement in order to apply for a missionary visa after students arrive in the Philippines. Detailed information regarding Immigration will be provided for all newly accepted students.

Is internet available?

Yes. Students share the cost for DSL internet available in the dorms.

Safety Concerns?

Ironically, people ask about safety in the Philippines but the United States endures more security problems than the Philippines; college students being shot with assault rifles, children killed in grade schools by gunmen and fellow students, planes flying into buildings, snipers shooting people while driving, innocent shoppers killed in malls, a man dressed like the Joker killing several during a Batman movie premier, a congresswoman shot during a public event in front of a grocery store, etc. The U.S. State Dept. does have a Travel Advisory that cautions Americans to be careful when traveling to certain areas. However, Travel Advisories are published for many countries around the world. The US Embassy in Manila lists more than 250,000 Americans living in the Philippines. There are dozens of missionary families living and working in the city where our clinical facility is located. These missionaries represent almost every major large mission organization and denomination such as Assembly of God, Campus Crusade for Christ, the IMB (Southern Baptists), Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL, SEND International, Mennonite Central Committee, YWAM, Bible Baptists, Calvary Chapel, OMF, etc.

What type of visa is required?

All students are required to apply for a special missionary visa from the Philippine Government. Detailed information will be provided to accepted students.

How are the school semesters divided?

Semesters run 6 months.

Am I required to book my own flight?

All flight arrangements are made by the school director and will be forwarded to you after your acceptance. Ticket prices, itineraries and additional details will be forwarded at the appropriate time.

Will I travel alone to the Philippines?

Newly enrolled students may travel to the Philippines as a group if they are able to coordinate travel plans together.

Is there a Stateside orientation prior to going to the Philippines?

Our orientation is done on-site at our facility in the Philippines.

Do transcripts (high school or college) need to be official?

If you've been to college and you need the credits to transfer to Newlife, then 'yes' they need to be official. If you are applying directly out of high school then the transcripts do not need to be official.

What is the pass rate of our students who go on to get certified?

We are very pleased to report that 99% of Newlife School graduates have passed the NARM board exam.

How much extra money do I need for extracurricular activities?

This depends entirely on the respective student and how much shopping, eating out, visiting local resorts, diving, or trips to Starbucks she plans to do.

Is bringing cash better than a card (debit or credit)?

Debit and credit cards are commonly used here in the larger established businesses; otherwise cash is king. ATM machines are available for cash withdraws. The money given is in Philippine pesos with the equivalent exchange rate posted in dollars on your bank statement. Generally banks add a foreign transaction fee in additional to a nominal ATM fee (about $4). Remember to notify your home bank that you will be travelling to the Philippines so they won't lock down your card when they see it pop up out of the geographic area where you normally use it.

Can I bring my own cell phone with me?

You may but it needs to be unlocked in order for a Philippine SIM to work in it. The other option is to buy a new cell phone once you arrive. Costs vary from $25 up for a 'dumb' phone and a good quality smart phone start at $100.

Can parents or friends visit?

Absolutely! We've hosted hundreds of visitors over the years.

Can students make monthly tuition payments?

Tuition is due and payable in FULL at the beginning of each semester. We prefer students not make monthly payment because that adds to the work load of our volunteer bookkeeper.

Can I request the email addresses of previous or presently enrolled students in order to get their personal opinions and assessment of Newlife School?

Absolutely! We strongly recommend that interested applicants research as much as they can about Newlife. Generally, the best way to do this is to dialog directly with former and present students. We have nothing to hide and fully admit that we are NOT a perfect organization. We are happy to forward a list of student email addresses so that you may contact them directly. We give permission for any present student or graduate to give you their honest opinion; whether it be good or bad. If the feedback or report you might receive is unfavorable we would like the opportunity to provide clarity because sometimes its a matter of perspective.